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DHC-2 Dehavilland RED Engine Installation

In partnership with Sealand Aviation and RED Engines of Germany, we were tasked with designing, manufacturing and installing the avionics in this first in the world project. Every aspect of the electrical system was redesigned and reworked. Our ability to manufacture the harnesses for install means that to complete the modification in future will be as easy as plug and play.


Follow the install on the Skye Avionics YouTube channel to learn more about how this exciting project came together.

Bell 206B Rewire

Synopsis: The project involved a tip to tail refurbishment of the wiring, new engine and transmission harnesses and the installation of a new avionics package. We also installed Aero Led lighting along with other modifications to meet the operator’s requirements. This helicopter was an early serial number and had been cared for, however the wiring…

Bell 206L-4T Twin Ranger

  Objective: Complete replacement of all avionics, communications systems and associated wiring. Due to structural repairs all of the wiring from the aft section of the airframe was removed. Installation of customer mission specific equipment and electrical provisions. Status: This project is moving along well. Avionics systems will be completed this week. Aft airframe wiring…

Bell 412

Objective: The objective of this project was to rewire the entire Bell 412 along with a complete new audio system and new avionics radios. This was being done to remove old wiring that is a serious hazard and to install a radio system that met the operators needs. The Skye Avionics Team was tasked with…

Airbus Helicopters AS350

Objective: This helicopter sustained major damage with an incident in Northern BC. The objective is to restore the helicopter to its original state with an update of the avionics and addition of a Skytrac sat phone and tracking system. Scope: The helicopter was a left hand drive and is being changed to a right hand…

Bell 206L

Objective: This operator had major long standing radio issues. These conditions and snags were contributing to a very unsafe environment for the pilot and ground crews. At one point they had to rely on a 1 click for yes and 2 clicks for no to communicate. The project was taken on while the helicopter was…


Scope: A picture says 1000 words. This aircraft required a full airframe rewire. It has provided numerous hours for the customer but was in desperate need of a very large overhaul due to continuous snags and old wiring. Outcome: Aircraft was completely rewired, airframe and avionics. The avionics included was for a basic utility operation.…

Cessna T206H

Objective: This aircraft had a substantial engine fire and sustained major damage from the firewall forward. The new customer wanted to update the avionics with an avionics package that was easy to use and modern. The avionics package was going to be upgraded as well all airframe wiring that went to the engine had to…

Turbine Otter

Objective: This aircraft was new to a long standing operator in the area. The focus of this project was to standardize this aircraft to the other turbine otter in their fleet. There were also some panel modifications that were to be completed to bring the aircraft into compliance with specific STC’s. Scope: The scope was…

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