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Micro Carbon Fiber | Electrostatic Electric enclosures | high impact rubber

Skye Avionics is proud to offer inhouse 3D Printing. Our Markforged x3 Industrial 3D printer is state of the art and expands our manufacturing capabilities to include production of aviation components from fireproof materials that are FAA approved for inside cockpit use.

Skye Avionics Inside Cockpit 3D Printing


Markforged brand materials

Onyx Material

Onyxtm, Onyx FRtm

OnyxTM is a micro carbon fiber filled nylon that is tough, strong and chemical resistant. Onyx FRTM provides the same durability but with the added benefit of being non-flammable.


Nylon White parts are smooth, non-abrasive, and easily painted. They can be reinforced with any continuous fiber and work best for non-marring work holding, repeated handling, and cosmetic parts.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of our reinforcing fibers. Six times stronger and eighteen times stiffer than Onyx, Carbon Fiber reinforcement is commonly used for parts that replace machined aluminum.


Fiberglass is our entry level continuous fiber, providing high strength at an accessible price. 2.5 times stronger and eight times stiffer than Onyx, Fiberglass reinforcement results in strong, robust tools.


Kevlar® possesses excellent durability, making it optimal for parts that experience repeated and sudden loading. As stiff as fiberglass and much more ductile, it can be used for a wide variety of applications.

HSHT Fiberglass

High Strength High Temperature (HSHT) Fiberglass exhibits aluminum strength and high heat tolerance. Five times as strong and seven times as stiff as Onyx, it’s best used for parts loaded in high operating temperatures.


Electrostatic Electric enclosures

Using FAA Approved materials for inside cockpit use.

3d printing of aviation components

We are the avionics specialists and with the capabilities of our x3 industrial 3D Printer, we're able to provide even more of the highest quality parts inhouse, saving time and money. The materials we use in our 3D Printer were built for the aerospace industry.

Skye Avionics Onyx 3D Printing
Skye Avionics Fireproof 3D Printing

Markforgedtm X3 3D Printer

This manufacturing grade 3D Printer makes parts from FAA Approved materials for inside cockpit use. Contact Skye Avionics to learn how we can build the parts you need right on site.

FAA Approved

The OnyxTM micro carbon fiber that Skye Avionics uses is FAA Approved for inside cockpit use.

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