MD500 LED Start Pump Light

Skye Avionics has received an STC to replace OEM p/n 369H4263-101 Start Pump Light on the MD500 Helicopter. This STC replaces the OEM start pump light with an LED making the part more durable and cost efficient.

The current OEM light is $1,395 and our part is going to cost 40 percent less – which means substantial savings for the customer. Not only is our part going to save you money upfront, but also the lifespan of the LED will far surpass that of the current light.

The LED light features stronger durability making it less susceptible to breakage and it and has a quick and easy installation process. The light is FAA and Transport Canada STC’d.

At Skye Avionics we strive to provide customers with the ability to see a noticeable ROI in their aircraft and pockets.

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