ADS-B Solutions for General Aviation, Helicopters, Jets, Experimental Aircraft

ADS-B upgrades require an in depth conversation about what is installed in your aircraft already, what future upgrades you are considering and what your goals are in taking advantage of the free services provided through ADS-B technology. At Skye Avionics we have the experience to ensure you receive an ADS-B system that meets your requirements and fits within your budget. Our experienced technicians have performed ADS-B installations in a number of aircraft and we have the capability to fully test your system, ensuring compliance and functionality.

Garmin offers the industry’s most comprehensive line of certified ADS-B solutions, giving you the opportunity to see more, know more and fly safer. Our technicians are Garmin factory trained on ADS-B installations.

To learn more check out Garmin’s ADS-B Academy at this link: ads-b academy

Setting the standard for portable radio connectivity

The SAL-7000 and SAL-7010 Kit have established the standard for connecting portable radios. Combined with Cobham Aerospace RT-7000 radio provides a system that solves numerous communication issues.

A common scenario is working with a number of different agencies all with different frequencies and encryption codes. This solution provides effective and secure communication between all parties when it counts the most. And with the ease of use it reduces pilot and crew workloads.

Having the RT-7000 paired with the SAL-7000 radio interface further expands the capabilities in adding 2 portable radios into the aircraft system which can be managed by the RT-7000. This is a great solution for inter-agency communication when another agencies personnel jump into your aircraft, once again ensuring reliable, clear communications when a mission is in motion.

Cable assemblies are a quick disconnect, allowing fast integration of a portable radio.

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