CNC Machining

Skye Avionics has a 5 x 10 CNC router for machining aircraft instrument panels and other flat work such as doublers or angles. Our manufacturing department has been machining parts for avionics manufacturers and no job is too small or big. We can either design your panel from scratch or use your cad file to produce the panel. Other capabilities include metal preperation and also prime and paint if required.

Recently Skye Avionics completed fabrication of a new instrument panel for a S61 Helicopter. The panel required extensive modifications and so a design was created from scratch. A clear plastic panel was cut for test fitment and allowing us to see if there were any issues.

Then a new panel was cut. Skye Avionics is working on designs for MD500 Helicopters, Dehavilland DHC-2 Beavers and can custom build any panel.

cnc machining and manufacturing

We offer full service custom avionics parts manufacturing using our on site CNC machine shop. The equipment featured allows us to control the quality as well as all aspects of avionics systems repair, and design and construction.


CNC Router 5' x 10'

Our CNC Router is used to cut all our custom aircraft instrument panels, and anything we need to complete our projects in a cost effective way.

CNC Mini MIll


We use our HAAS CNC Mini Mill to manufacture aircraft avionics components with precision. With a work envelope of X axis 20", Y axis 16", Z axis 14", it's the ideal CNC mill for small pieces.

Telesis 30W Fiber Laser


The Telesis Fiber provides Skye Avionics with the most efficient and precise marking system. The versatility of this Laser allows us to complete the majority of our projects for the aircraft avionics we work on inhouse.

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