The Audible Warning System that is TURNING HEADS.

Don't Miss A Check Instrument Light Again

Up in the air, losing a few seconds can mean thousands of dollars in repairs back on the ground. However, our Bell 407 Check Instrument Alert System from Skye Avionics gives those crucial moments back to pilots by alerting them to an imminent exceedance and allowing them to take the appropriate corrective action.

Our Bell 407 Warning System commands a pilot’s immediate attention with a clear, pre-recorded voice message played directly in their headset. By eliminating the confusion, this avionics system is ideal for longline, HEMS, and tactical operations where additional duties, distractions, and interruptions are common.

How do you know the Check Instrument Light is On?

  • Monitors NG, MGT, TRQ Indicators
  • Lightweight at 8.5 oz
  • Improved Safety
  • Alerts When Exceedance is Imminent
  • Ideal for Longline, HEMS, Tactical Operations
  • Best External Check Instrument System
  • Fast Installation

For more information and pricing for the Bell 407 Audible Check Instrument Warning System or other avionics equipment, please contact Skye Avionics at 1-250-923-7599 or