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HeliSAS Autopilot & Stability Augmentation

Helicopter Autopilot for Light and Medium Rotorcraft

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HeliSAS Autopilot & Stability AugmentationHeliSAS_ControlPanel

Helicopter Autopilot for Light and Medium Rotorcraft

The HeliSAS®  Helicopter Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System provides the safety and workload reduction benefits of stability augmentation that were once reserved for military and transport category helicopters.

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This helicopter EFIS and autopilot:

  • Weighs less than 15 pounds
  • Dramatically reduced pilot workload
  • Safer, more confident command…even under demanding conditions
  • Auto-recover to a neutral attitude in situations where pilot may lose visual reference
  • Pilots with no helicopter experience have successfully hovered a HeliSAS-equipped helicopter with very little practice.