RT-7000 Panel Mount Tactical Radio

The RT-7000 is a panel-mount tactical radio that satisfies all public safety and parapublic voice communications needs. This unit supports 29.7 to 960 MHz communications with up to three embedded and individual channels, thus providing the equivalent of up to three individual radios, with the ability to support up to two external handheld radios. The RT-7000 provides P-25 Phase 1 and 2 digital modulation across the entire range, and with the addition of up to two modules, it can also cover VHF, UHF,  and 700/900 MHz public safety bands including trunking and Motorola-proprietary radio network features.

Because this is a software-defined device , it can be easily upgraded to meet changing technological requirements over time, such as TETRA, LTE, SATCOM, and HD Video. This unit is equipped with an integrated audio and radio control display. All audio and radio functions can be controlled using either the touchscreen display or the dual concentric front panel knobs.


  • Supports 29.7 to 960 MHz communications with three embedded individual channels, ATC communications, P-25 Phase 1 and 2 digital modulation, Trunking, SmartZone, and SmartNet
  • Touchscreen colour LCD display with programmable day/night backlighting including MIL STD 3009 NVIS
  • Programmable preset channels (up to 1000) & scan patterns
  • Single port antenna interface; compatible with RT-5000 antennas
  • Modular, easily-upgradable design
  • Ability to support up to two additional handheld radios
  • Embedded simulcast and relay operations
  • TSO/ETSO for Comm and display
  • Multikey FIPS-140-2 encryption
  • Addition of the SAL-7000 offers a turnkey solution for portable radio interface-accessing over 20 popular models of FM handhelds

Also see the SAL-7000 interface for the RT-7000.