spidertracks reaches 5 million hours tracked

More than five million hours of flight data from aircraft around the world has been tracked over recent years thanks to Auckland-based aircraft tracking specialists, spidertracks. The company reached the milestone earlier this week, cementing its position as the largest global provider of portable aircraft tracking.

“Since developing the first Spider from the back-blocks of the Manawatu in 2007, we have progressed to have over 4,000 Spiders transmitting real-time flight data in 100 countries,” says spidertracks’ CEO Dave Blackwell.

“Reaching the five-million hour mark is a huge achievement for us. Our average flight duration is around two and a half hours, so this milestone equals roughly two million separate flights in eight years — or almost seven hundred flights a day…

Skye Avionics is proud to be the exclusive spidertracks stocking distributor for Canada and we congratulate spidertracks on this incredible milestone.