Skye Avionics Upgrades Wisk Air Helicopters Bell 407’s

Skye Avionics recently finished upgrading all of Wisk Air Helicopters Fleet of Bell 407 Helicopters.

The upgrade involved removing the Bendix/King KY196A VHF radios and installing Garmin GTR 225B VHF radios.

Over the last couple of years Skye Avionics has been working with Wisk Air to standardize their fleet and modernize it.

This upgrade now makes them compliant with all of the Ontario Forestry requirements and provides them with a modern, state of the art communication system.

The requirements were very specific and with the features that come with the GTR 225B they met them and gained many additional features. They have the ability to monitor the standby frequency, easily access an internal airport database when looking up and setting frequencies and have a powerful 16 watt transmitter.

Everyone at Wisk Air Helicopters was extremely pleased with the GTR 225B radio, what it can accomplish and the installation.

Skye Avionics technician travelled to and performed the installation at Wisk Air’s facility in Thunder Bay. Time was of the essence with flooding in northern Ontario and the fire season beginning. Aircraft were to be dispatched at any time and so this installation had to be accomplished in a very short period of time.

For more information about the Garmin GTR 225 radio or if you would like to request a quote for your installation please contact us.