New Garmin GTN series software update

Visual approach guidance is now available within the GTN 650/750, which provides advisory vertical guidance in visual flight conditions based on a published glide-path angle or a 3-degree glideslope from the threshold of the runway , while considering terrain and obstacle clearance. When selecting a visual approach, pilots can choose the runway of intended landing and select vectors for the final approach intercept to assist them in flying a stabilized approach. By utilizing visual approach guidance within the GTN, pilots are provided a more stable descent and precise flight path throughout the approach and landing phases of flight while operating in visual conditions.

GTN navigators can now display and control the GTX 3000 Mode-S ES Transponder and the GTS 8000 TCAS II/ACAS II system from the touchscreen display. Traffic information is overlaid on the moving map as well as the dedicated traffic page. Additionally, aircraft equipped with select third-party TCAS II/ACAS II systems cna pair a GTX 3000 with a GTN navigator, which enables control and display capability as well as a simplified and economical path to ADDS-B compliance and WAAS/LPV approaches.