Growing List of Helicopters for Certified for Garmin G500H

G500H_HR_201Providing an integrated “glass cockpit” solution for both retrofit and new production installations, Garmin’s G500H™ electronic flight display system has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) on a number of today’s most popular helicopters. The FAA’s list includes the Bell 206 and 407 series; Eurocopter’s AS350 and EC130; and the Robinson Helicopter R44. In addition, Transport Canada (TCCA) has approved the Eurocopter AS355 and EC120 models, along with the Bell 206 and 407 series.

Available through Garmin Authorized Service Centers industry-wide, the Garmin G500H system combines full WAAS GPS navigation with the latest in situational awareness1. Dual 6.5-inch LCD screens, mounted side by-side in a single bezel, allow Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi Function Display (MFD) capabilities to be positioned right in front of the pilot for easy scanning and interpretation. The PFD shows attitude, airspeed, climb rate, altitude and course/heading information – while the MFD provides highly detailed moving-map graphics depicting the helicopter’s current position in relation to ground features, chart data, flight plan routings, and more. Optional Garmin HSVT™ synthetic vision capability adds a 3-D virtual perspective view of terrain, traffic, airports and obstacles to the pilot’s PFD. And on each of the displays, large numbers and graphics make the data even easier to read and interpret at a glance. Proven AHRS attitude/heading reference replaces old-style, maintenance intensive mechanical gyros for greater precision and reliability. Plus, a G500H_HR_014.1helicopter-specific database, included with the G500H, features over 7,000 heliports and nearly 30,000 additional low-altitude obstacles in addition to the already extensive database found in Garmin’s fixed-wing G500 system. For orientation at unfamiliar locations, preloaded SafeTaxi® diagrams help pilots track their geo-referenced position on hundreds of airports throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada. Other available capabilities include XM™ Satellite Weather2 for the U.S. – or an Iridium-based Garmin Connext datalink that provides access to weather, position reporting, text messaging, and voice calls worldwide. There’s also a video link option that enables the G500H MFD to serve as a FLIR or live-cam surveillance monitor. For more information, see your nearby Garmin authorized dealer or check out the company website.

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