GARMIN Handheld Rebates

GARMIN is offering some great rebates on handheld GPS products. 

Customers can save up to $100 on some of our most popular portable devices. These devices can make flying 796easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable – and could be the perfect gift for the pilot in your life.

Rebates are available for the aera 500 series, aera 795/796, GPSMAP 695/696, Aviator Action Pack, GDL 39/39 3D, VIRB XE Aviation Bundle and the D2/D2 Bravo watches. Customers can save $100 on the Aviator Action Pack, which packages the Garmin D2 Pilot Watch with the VIRB Elite Aviation camera. Additional $100 savings are available when purchasing an aera 550, 560, 795, or 796, as well as a GPSMAP 695 or 696 portable GPS. Savings of $50 are available on the aera 500 and 510, D2 Bravo Pilot Watch, GDL 39/39 3D, and the VIRB XE Aviation Bundle, which adds a Prop Filter and headset cable to Garmin’s VIRB XE action camera. The D2 Pilot Watch also has savings of $25. One rebate is available for each qualifying product purchase.