406 ELT Mandate in Canada

Skye is the only Approved Distributor and Service Center for Kannad ELT’s on the Island.

What is the new regulation?

Since November 25th, 2020, amendments to the Canadian Aviation Regulations mandate that Canadian aircraft have to be equipped with an ELT capable of broadcasting simultaneously on frequencies of 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz like our Kannad Integra Line.

Why a new regulation?

COSPAS-SARSAT ceased monitoring the 121.5 MHz frequency. Downed aircraft carrying only a 121.5 MHz ELT on board are at risk of not being detected. The
mandate increases the likelihood of a successful rescue of passengers and flight crew of a downed aircraft, saving more lives.

Am I concerned?

Air operators, private operators, recreational operators and foreign aircraft operating in Canada should comply with the new 406 Mandate (with the exception of gliders, balloons, airships, ultra-light aeroplanes and gyroplanes).

What is the deadline for me to comply with?
  • November 2021 for air operators, private operators, and foreign aircraft operating in Canada
  • November 2025 for recreational operators
I’m a 121.5Mhz ELT owner, should I upgrade to a 406 ELT now?

Rather than investing in the maintenance of a 121.5MHz ELT and for your safety, we recommend that you upgrade as soon as you can to a 406MHz ELT.


Thanks to an innovative back up antenna design, the Kannad INTEGRA ELT offers the highest level of resilience.

Operating independently from the aircraft, the back-up antenna will transmit your position through the 406MHz frequency to Cospas- Sarsat search and rescue satellites.