ICS Boxes/Drop Cords

Sherriff Departments and the DEA trust Skye Avionics Drop Cords – You Can Too!

Built Tough, Ergonomic

Drop cords or ICS cords are key to a successful operation. Whether they are used in a bird dog operation, emergency rescue, air ambulance or flying tourists drop cords play a crucial part.

At Skye Avionics we took our experience with helicopter operators, and the knowledge that we have gained over the last 20 years to design superior drop cords. We have designed a drop cord that is able to last the abuse that they are given, and keep on working. The drop cords that we have designed are ergonomic. Can be easily operated by either hand, contain a volume control, and have switches strategically placed for easy operation. The switches are long-life switches. The PTT switch is rated for 1,000,000 mechanical and electrical cycles. The volume control is a sealed container and panel sealed to IP67 specifications. It is rated for 50,000 cycles, 50 g’s in 3 successive shocks in 3 directions.
Applications: Forestry, Air Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Police, Tactical, Surveillance, Ground Crew, Tourism

We have a few standard models but these can be customized in many ways to meet your requirements.

SAL-200: ICS Switch, Coil Cord, NATO Plug
SAL-201: ICS Switch, Coil Cord, MS3126F10-6P Connector
SAL-202: ICS Switch, Radio PTT Switch, Coil Cord, MS3116F12-10P Connector
SAL-203: ICS Switch, Radio PTT Switch, Coil Cord, MS3126F10-6P Connector

CNC Machined out of Aluminum
Hard Anodized to Resist Scratching
Laser Etched
Ergonomic Design
Heavy Duty Belt Clip
High Quality Switches and Parts
Numerous Models
Customizable for Your Needs
NATO Headset Jack
Skye Avionics drop cords have been designed with abuse and rugged conditions in mind. You will never have to purchase another drop cord.