Northwall Helmets LMT-P GIII- HIC

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The LMT-Pilot
is designed for use by the flight crew of civilian or military helicopters must operate mainly on board and requiring protection of the head only during phases of flight. The particular shape and materials of construction allow to minimize the weight and size of the helmet without giving up all the security features required for flight helmets, the reduced size and weight allows to maintain long-levels of attention and not to alter the balance of the pilots.



LMT G11 Pilot helmet for helicopter Crew with 2 visors (2 mm dark- clear), soft earcups, adjustable inner liner


Available sizes:
S/M: (from 52 a 58 cm) (20.1⁄2-23 in) adjustable
Approximate Weight: (without comms) 750g 1.65 lb

L/XL: (from 59 to 64 cm) (23.1⁄4-251⁄4) adjustable
Approximate Weight: (without comms) 880g (1.65 lb)
Approximate Weight: (with standard comms) 1150g (2.54 lb)


Communications for Helmets


  • M-87/AIC Microphone 5 Ohm, Microphone Boom flex
  • H-143 Earphone 19 Ohm, Coiled cord terminated with Nexus TP-120, Ear seals and foam inserts



  • M7 DC Microphone Electret, Microphone boom flex
  • H-143 Earphone 300 Ohm, Coiled cord terminated with nexus TP-120 Ear seals and foam inserts.


Accessories for Helmets

HBAGS – Helmet padded bag with name tag Velcro®

NW-NVG-ADP  –  NVG mount adapter, quick release 4 pin


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