Digital Flight Control Systems DFCS 3100

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The S-TEC 3100 autopilot system must be installed in accordance with the applicable STC instructions which will supersede any information contained within this document. The following information can be used to aid in the planning and preparation for installing an S-TEC 3100 autopilot system.


System Description

The S-Tec 3100 is a two or three axis attitude based autopilot system controlling roll, pitch and (optional) yaw axes

• Incorporates Roll, Pitch & an optional Yaw Damp Computers & Pitch Trim Circuitry

• Incorporates Altitude Preselect Functionality

•  An internal MEMS unit that can function as the system’s Attitude Reference

• Servo Driver Technology changes to “Pulse Width Modulation”

• Requires minimal additional equipment keeping incremental costs low

• Integrates with legacy analog avionics & advanced digital EFIS systems


System Features

• Built-in system controls (AP) (FD) and optional (YD)

• Built-in Flight Director capability

• Built-in Altitude Preselect capability

• Lateral Modes include: (ROLL) (HDG) (NAV) (APR) (GPSS) (GPSL)

• Vertical Modes include (PITCH) (ALT) (VS) (IAS) (GS) (GPSV)

• Auto/Electric pitch trim standard

• Control Wheel Steering (CWS) & Go-Around (GA) functions

• Provides “Straight & Level” function and Envelope Protection

• Provides Voice & Tone Annunciations • Under-Speed, Over-Speed & Roll Envelope Exceedance Warnings



• Mode Controller

• Mode Annunciations

• Altitude Preselect Controller

• Incorporates Roll & Pitch & optional Yaw Computers

• Incorporates Pitch Trim Circuitry

• Provides analog & digital Flight Director output


Envelope Protection

The S-TEC 3100 envelope protection constantly monitors the aircraft flight performance and greatly reduces the chance for inadvertent stalls or over-speeds.

If the aircraft approaches stall while the S-TEC 3100 autopilot is engaged, the autopilot will automatically reduce the pitch angle to maintain safe flight.

An annunciated alert will notify the pilot. In situations involving over speed, similar corrections and warnings are implemented to mitigate potentially hazardous maneuvers.


Straight and Level

The Straight and Level button provides fast, simple recovery from an unusual attitude if the pilot should lose situational awareness or become disoriented.

With a single button push, the Straight and Level function is engaged and overrides previous inputs to safely return the aircraft to a neutral attitude.


Flight Director

The S-TEC 3100 can operate as an autopilot, a flight director, or both.

When operating as an autopilot, the STEC 3100 provides drive to the servo motors to control the aircraft.

When operating as a flight director, the servo motors are disengaged and the FGC outputs roll and pitch flight director commands.

The flight director data can be sent via ARINC or analog signals. When operating as both an autopilot and flight director, the AP and FD behaviors are the same.


Altitude Preselect

Altitude preselect is built into the S-TEC 3100 autopilot computer but requires baro-corrected altitude information.

Without baro-corrected altitude the autopilot is unable to climb or descend the aircraft to a specific altitude target. Altitude hold would still be available.


Yaw Damper

The S-TEC 3100 will be certified with yaw functionality for certain aircraft makes and models.

Some aircraft may not require yaw control which will be decided during the STC development work.

Yaw calculations and control are processed inside the flight guidance computer rather than a separate unit, therefore the 3100 will also include control for coordinated turns.


Automatic Electric Trim

All S-TEC 3100 systems include automatic electric pitch trim as standard. Roll and yaw trim control are not available with the 3100 autopilot