Project Description

SAL-7000 Portable Radio Interface – Connectivity Redefined


The SAL-7000 and SAL-7010 Kit have established the standard for connecting portable radios. Combined with Cobham Aerospace RT-7000 radio provides a system that solves numerous communication issues.

A common scenario is working with a number of different agencies all with different frequencies and encryption codes. This solution provides effective and secure communication between all parties when it counts the most. And with the ease of use it reduces pilot and crew workloads.

Having the RT-7000 paired with the SAL-7000 radio interface further expands the capabilities in adding 2 portable radios into the aircraft system which can be managed by the RT-7000. This is a great solution for inter-agency communication when another agencies personnel jump into your aircraft, once again ensuring reliable, clear communications when a mission is in motion.

Cable assemblies are a quick disconnect, allowing fast integration of a portable radio.

SAL-2030 SAL-2040 SAL-2050 SAL-2060

Equipment Supplied under part number SAL-7000:

Part Number Description Quantity
SAL-7000  Dzus Mounted Interface 1
MS3476W14-18P  Connector – J1 1
M85049/31-14W Backshell – J1 1 1


Equipment Supplied under part number SAL-7000RM:

Part Number Description Quantity
SAL-7000RM Box Mounted Interface 1
MS3476W14-18P Connector – J1 1
M85049/31-14W Backshell – J1 1 1

RT-7000 Features include:

  • Tactile and touchscreen interface
  • 29.7 – 960 MHz AM/FM P-25
  • Trunking: P-25 Phase I and Phase II, SmartZone, SmartNet
  • Connectivity for 2 external handheld radios
  • Up to 3 embedded internal transceivers
  • TSO/ETSO* COM and display
  • NVIS compliant – MIL STD 3009
  • Smaller form factor than closest competition
  • Embedded, relay, simulcast, and relay/simulcast
  • User control functions and operations supported within 3 menu selections

Cobham’s Flexcomm™ RT-7000 Control Display is the only panel-mount radio that satisfies all public safety and para-public voice communication needs.

Cobham’s new RT-7000 panel-mount tactical radio embodies an evolutionary software-defined radio (SDR) design, with a modular architecture that may be configured and upgraded as an operator’s requirements and mission evolve. The aircraft will remain current and ready for action with AM/FM VHF/UHF, and P25 today, and TETRA, LTE, SATCOM, HD video, and more in the future. The design ensures that hardware investment is preserved as operational needs evolve.


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