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S61 to 737, Bell, Airbus, Cessna Wiring Specialists.

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S61 to 737, Bell, Airbus, Cessna Wiring Specialists.2020-01-22T18:10:29-08:00

Glass Cockpit

Glass Cockpit Solutions for Helicopters & Airplanes Skye Avionics is able to provide and install Glass Cockpits for every type of aircraft and every budget, whether it be helicopters, airplanes, or homebuilt, experimental aircraft. G500 Glass Cockpit In recent years glass cockpits have come into the reach of any aviator and aircraft owner. With modern technology, not only is there considerable weight savings, but maintenance

Glass Cockpit2018-06-12T05:56:35-07:00

ICS Boxes/Drop Cords

Sherriff Departments and the DEA trust Skye Avionics Drop Cords - You Can Too! Built Tough, Ergonomic Drop cords or ICS cords are key to a successful operation. Whether they are used in a bird dog operation, emergency rescue, air ambulance or flying tourists drop cords play a crucial part. At Skye Avionics we took our experience with helicopter operators, and the knowledge that we

ICS Boxes/Drop Cords2018-06-12T05:37:08-07:00

RVSM Inspections

RVSM Testing for Jet Airplanes - State of the art equipment Using brand new, state-of-the-art test equipment, Skye Avionics now offers RVSM testing for aircraft up to an altitude of 55,000′. Transponder, ADS-B, TCAS and Pitot Static Testing can also be accomplished. Ensuring your safety, the Skye Avionics Team with our modern test equipment can test your aircraft’s instruments to an extremely high degree. Benefits

RVSM Inspections2018-06-12T05:46:15-07:00

Avionics Packages

Avionics Packages for Helicopters & Airplanes At Skye Avionics we have taken avionics packages to a completely new level. View Avionics Packages Below for Airplanes and Helicopters Avionics Packages. Many avionics radio packages promoted on the internet are lacking in quality, customization and installation support. We have had to repair many customer supplied harnesses that were purchased from large distributors. Wires have been improperly crimped,

Avionics Packages2018-08-31T09:57:32-07:00