Skye Avionics is the Exclusive Canadian Northwall Flight Helmet Distributor and Service Center.

We Service all models of helmets.  

A purchase of a Northwall Flight Helmet from Skye Avionics includes FREE shipping to anywhere in Canada!

northwall helmet carbonNorthwall was born from more than 30 years rescue and bio-mechanics experience in synergy with professional experience in design and manufacture of composite materials, medical devices and aircraft. From real operational experience Northwall designed helmets for pilot’s, technician’s and rescue personnel. Each product has unique features.

The LMT helmets provide the greatest possible protection thanks to innovative materials and solutions. There are 3 models available, LMT-Pilot, LMT-Tech, LMT-Medic.


This helmet is designed for use by the flight crew, pilots, and others that mainly stay on board and require protection of the head during all phases of flight. The shape and materials used in construction allow the LMT-Pilot helmet to minimize the weight and size of the helmet without giving up all the security features required for flight helmets. The reduced size and weight allows the user to maintain long-levels of attention and not alter the balance of the pilot or create neck and shoulder strain.northwall helmet blue

Installation of the Northwall Helmet avionics and customization is completed by Skye Avionics. This makes customization affordable and simplifies the entire process. We carry all models of the Northwall Helmets. The standard avionics system that is installed includes the Oregon Aero Hushkit which provides premium passive noise attenuation, an amplified noise cancelling mic and high quality speakers. 

Available sizes:
S/M: (from 52 a 58 cm) (20.1⁄2-23 in) adjustable
weight: (without comms) 750g 1.65 lb

L/XL: (from59 to 64 cm) (23.1⁄4-251⁄4) adjustable
weight: (without comms) 880g (1.65 lb)
(es: with standard comms) 1150g (2.54 lb)

The helmet LMT-Piot is compatible with a wide range of accessories for on-board communications and can be equipped with the system of maxillo-facial protection Northwall faceshield (NFS) which is resistant to impacts of small objects up to 550 fps (600 Km/h)

Technical Specifications:

Headphone Specifications:

  • Helmet Mounted Volume Control
  • Oregon Aero Passive Noise Attenuation Hushkit
  • Earphone Type: Dynamic
  • Earphone Impedance: 300 ohms each wired in parallel
  • Earphone Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL on flat plate couple, re 1 mW input @ 1KHz
  • Earphone Frequency Response: 200 – 5,500 Hz

Microphone Specifications:

  • Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Weight: Approximately 4.5 to 6.0 grams
  • Impedance: 50 ohms +/- 20%
  • Mic Sensitivity: 400mV RMS +/- 6dB into 150 ohm load @ 1KHz for 114 dB SPL input
  • Frequency Response: 300 Hz – 3.5 KHz per RTCA DO 214
  • Temperature Range: -55C to +85C


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