New G3X Touch 7″ Portrait Display

Garmin is pleased to announce a new addition to the G3X Touch glass flight display family – the 7″ G3X Touch portrait display. For new panels, aircraft builders now have three display formats that can selected. For first generation G3X customers, the new 7″ portrait display offers an easy upgrade path as the existing footprint is easily adaptable to the new display and includes most of the same great features as the popular G3X Touch 10.6″ and 7″ landscape displays.

The G3X Touch glass flight display family has grown from the 10.6″ and 7″ landscape displays, to now include the 7″ portait G3X Touch. Systems support seamless integration throughout the cockpit as up to four G3X Touch displays of varying sizes can incorporated into a single aircraft. The 7″ portait display can beused as a primary flight display(PFD) or multi-function display(MFD) when paired with multiple G3X Touch displays or as a single standalone screen comprising of a combination PFD/MFD. A duel concentric knob and dedicated nearest, direct-to, menu and back buttons also offer improved efficiency in performing common in-flight functions, such as direct-to navigation, selecting attitude, changing heading or radio tuning.

Aircraft owners can easily upgrade a G3X system to G3X Touch using all of the existing sensors and pin-compatible connectors, so there is no need to replace any equipment behind the panel. For aircraft where space constraints are of concern, the portrait 7″ display offers more installation flexibility in panel design for experimental or light sport aircraft.