Garmin King Air G1000 5-5-5 Promotion

By popular demand, Garmin is pleased to announce the return of hte King Air 5-5-5 program, available now through the end of 2016. With the 5-5-5 program, King Air owners looking to upgrade to the renowned G1000 integrated flight deck (IFD) won’t want to wait any longer. The 5-5-5 program offers King Air owners who purchase a G1000 IFD (for King Air C90, 200 and 300 series aircraft) 5 Years of database coverage, 3 addional years of factory warranty (for a totoal of 5 years warranty coverage) and a $5,000 Epic fuel card.

For customers to be eligible, the Garmin dealer must place an order for the equipment by December 30, 2016, and take delivery of the equipment by January 27, 2017.

For more information contact Skye Avionics, your trusted Garmin Authorized Dealer at 1-250-923-7599 today!