Garmin Unveils the GFC 600H Helicopter Flight Control System

Garmin Unveils The GFC 600H Helicopter Flight Control System

Garmin is pleased to announce the GFC 600H flight control system for helicopter owners and operators — a breakthrough in cost-effective technology that reduces pilot workload, improves mission effectiveness, and can enhance safety. This attitude-based (AHRS-derived) flight control system boasts many helicopter-tailored features, including a stability augmentation system (SAS), dedicated return-to-level (LVL) mode, Helicopter Electronic Stability and Protection (Garmin H-ESP™), hover assist as well as overspeed and low speed protection. GFC 600H can operate as a full-featured standalone flight control system, but also offers integration with compatible flight displays, including Garmin’s G500H and G500H TXi flight displays, instruments and navigation sources.

With its advanced AHRS technology and redundant, cross-checking sensors, GFC 600H was designed for smooth handling. GFC 600H includes SAS that provides inputs to help stabilize the helicopter while hand-flying. The corrections provided by SAS serve to improve the helicopter’s basic handling characteristics by maintaining a commanded attitude. Designed with the pilot in mind, its cyclic-mounted trim controls allow for seamless interactions without taking a hand off the helicopter flight controls during basic operations, including system initialization of the SAS in attitude mode, adjustments of the pitch and roll trim, and much more. While flying with SAS, the pilot can easily “fly through” the flight control inputs for smooth maneuvers beyond the preset trim condition.

The flight director can be displayed on an optional G500H or G500H TXi flight display to help guide the pilot’s hand-flown inputs toward the desired flight path, including heading, altitude, vertical speed and airspeed modes. For enroute and approach navigation, the system uses guidance from a compatible Garmin navigator, such as the GTN™ 750/650 series, to automatically fly approaches and search and rescue patterns. Additional vertical and lateral modes include altitude hold, altitude select, vertical speed, indicated airspeed and heading select.

Thanks to the hover assist mode, the system will also automatically detect a hover condition and provide flight control inputs to help maintain position over the ground. When equipped with the available yaw axis control, GFC 600H will also hold heading in hover.

As a standard feature, Garmin H-ESP helps the pilot remain within an appropriate envelope when hand-flying the helicopter. Should the pilot exceed predetermined pitch, roll or airspeed limitations, H-ESP provides a corrective force on the flight controls proportionate to the exceedance. H-ESP works in all modes — even when the pilot is hand-flying the aircraft with the system not engaged — and can be manually disabled to allow for maneuvering flight as needed. In potentially disorienting situations, GFC 600H features a dedicated LVL mode that can be engaged by the pilot to automatically initiate recovery from unusual attitudes and return the aircraft to straight-and-level flight, helping to avoid a potential loss-of-control scenario.

GFC 600H features a stack-width mode controller with push-button controls and a night vision goggle (NVG) compatible display. Its robust architecture allows for both 2-axis and 3-axis configurations. Integrated “smart” servos provide pitch and roll inputs as commanded by the system, and the available third servo and collective sensor provide yaw axis control capability and smooth flight control adjustments when the pilot moves the collective. Digitally controlled, high-torque servos allow for faster, crisper, more powerful response, which enables GFC 600H to perform with smooth efficiency and advanced capability.

With its extensive features and advanced technology, GFC 600H will offer unprecedented value in a flight control system for helicopters. Initial FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the Airbus AS350 B2/B3 is expected in fourth quarter 2018. GFC 600H includes a two-year warranty, which is supported by Garmin’s award-winning avionics product support team.

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G3X Touch­­TM Software v. 5.70 Now Available

An Advanced Autopilot Mode Controller for Your Airplane  

When installed with G3X Touch flight displays, GMC 507 offers alternative, dedicated autopilot controls. While autopilot features can be selected using the touchscreen controls on G3X Touch flight displays, installing the optional GMC 507 can make for easier pitch, vertical speed and airspeed adjustments by using the control wheel. Additionally, separate knobs allow easy twist-control of heading/track and altitude. And for added safety, the controller’s dedicated LVL mode button commands automatic recovery from steep or unusual attitudes, prompting the autopilot to return the aircraft to straight-and-level flight.

  • Dedicated controller for advanced Garmin autopilot modes
  • Control wheel for speed selection
  • Dedicated heading/track and altitude knobs
  • LVL mode button commands automatic recovery from steep or unusual attitudes
  • Dedicated heading and track buttons

Joins the GDL 52/51 Lineup of Portable ADS-B/SiriusXM® Receivers 

Garmin is pleased to announce GDL 50, a portable device capable of receiving Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast (ADS-B) traffic and weather, GPS and aircraft attitude1 information for display on select portables and mobile devices. A remote-mount version of GDL 50 — GDL 50R — is also available. Exclusive features such as TargetTrend™ and TerminalTraffic™ further enhance the ADS-B traffic picture and are unique to Garmin products. Wireless and hardwired compatibility of GDL 50/50R includes G3X Touch™ glass flight displays, aera® 660 and aera 795/796 aviation portables as well as wireless connectivity with the Garmin Pilot™ app on Apple® and Android™ mobile devices.

A successor to GDL 39 3D, the GDL 50 combines dual-link ADS-B traffic, a wide range of Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather products, GPS and back-up aircraft attitude1 information that displays on compatible Connext® products via Bluetooth® wireless technology or hardwired connections. FIS-B weather products received by GDL 50 include NEXRAD imagery, METARs, TAFs, wind and temperatures aloft, PIREPs, NOTAMs and more. Additionally, pilots also have access to the most recent data as GDL 50 continually downloads traffic and weather information in the background — even while the display device is sleeping. In addition to comprehensive weather data, pilots utilizing GDL 50 can receive ADS-B traffic information and audible alerts to easily identify potential traffic conflicts while in-flight. Dual-link technology allows the GDL 50 to receive ADS-B “In” traffic on both 978 MHz and 1090 MHz frequencies, offering the most complete traffic picture and superior situational awareness. For aircraft that are properly equipped to meet ADS-B “Out” with a certified solution, the portable GDL 50 ADS-B “In” receiver provides an even better traffic picture by also receiving TIS-B traffic data from ground stations.

Exclusive to Garmin products, our patented TargetTrend™ technology provides pilots with a more intuitive method of judging target trajectories and closure rates, particularly in airspace with high volumes of traffic. So, pilots can more easily discern traffic targets that pose the greatest threat. TerminalTraffic™ technology displays a comprehensive picture of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles throughout the airport environment on the moving map and SafeTaxi® airport diagram. ADS-B traffic can be overlaid on the dedicated traffic page, the moving map and IFR/VFR charts on compatible devices.

Boasting superior battery life, a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows GDL 50 to receive ADS-B traffic, FIS-B weather, GPS and backup aircraft attitude information for up to 8 hours on a single charge. On applicable devices, back-up attitude1 information can be displayed within the SVX™ synthetic vision feature or the aircraft panel pages for use in VFR conditions. Capable of wirelessly streaming data to two devices and making hardwired connections to two additional devices simultaneously, GDL 50 offers quick and convenient access to essential information throughout the cockpit.

In addition to GDL 50/50R, both the GDL 52/52R and GDL 51/51R portable receivers are available and shipping. GDL 51/51R is a portable SiriusXM® receiver, while GDL 52/52R combines both SiriusXM and ADS-B receiver capabilities. The introduction of the new GDL 52 series completes the industry’s most comprehensive line-up of portable ADS-B “In” and SiriusXM aviation receivers. With the introduction of GDL 50, Garmin will continue to offer GDL 39 (excludes attitude information), however GDL 39 3D (provides attitude information) is now discontinued.

Garmin Introduces G500H TXi Flight Displays

Garmin is pleased to announce G500H TXi, a new generation of touchscreen flight displays for helicopters. Built on the proven capabilities of the original G500H series, G500H TXi offers a vastly expanded array of features, options and panel possibilities that bring a new level of reliability, adaptability and affordability to helicopter operations. Designed specifically for FAR Part 27 VFR helicopters, G500H TXi boasts a bright LCD design — including a large 10.6-inch display and two versions of 7-inch displays, available in portrait or landscape orientation — and features traditional concentric knobs for added versatility and convenience.

Optimized for Helicopter Operations

For helicopter-specific mission readiness, G500H TXi can be equipped with a five-color Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System1 (HTAWS), WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology and Garmin HSVT 3-D synthetic vision. G500H TXi also supports multiple video input options, night vision goggle (NVG) compatibility and a graphical map overlay within the horizontal situation indicator (HSI) for most display formats. For helicopters already equipped with the original G500H series flight displays, full G500H TXi compatibility with existing system sensors makes for an easy, cost-effective upgrade path.

  Vibrant, State-of-the-art Touchscreen Displays

The system’s familiar user interface and best-in-class graphical display capabilities enable pilots to access and process more high-value flight information at a glance. G500H TXi incorporates a clean-sheet touchscreen design with modern processors that support improved map and chart rendering, faster panning and contemporary single-finger zoom and pinch-to-zoom gestures. Through any combination of the touchscreen or dual concentric knobs, pilots can quickly access and view flight information at a glance. Modernized displays and large fonts offer improved readability, while the intuitive user-interface helps reduce overall pilot workload. To support night operations, enablements are available to add NVG compatibility.

Greater Scalability and Configurability

Offering an impressive array of display options, G500H TXi is available as a 10.6-inch horizontal format display that can accommodate PFD information and an MFD side by side within the same unit. Similarly, the 7-inch portrait format displays can be individually dedicated to PFD with the HSI map or MFD functions. Another option, where panel space is limited, allows the 7-inch landscape format display to serve as a dedicated PFD with instrument tapes, a half-arc HSI and optional Garmin HSVT™ 3-D synthetic vision. The system can be mixed and matched with up to two of the high-resolution touchscreen displays, and for added versatility and convenience, most control functions can be accessed by the traditional concentric knobs or touchscreen inputs.

  Forward-looking Terrain Awareness

For the ultimate in hazard avoidance solutions, G500H TXi supports high-resolution, five-color HTAWS when paired with an HTAWS-equipped GTN™ or GNS™ series navigator. Using WAAS GPS position information compared with the system’s internal databases, HTAWS offers forward-looking avoidance capability to predict in advance where potential hazards may exist to help pilots maintain safe separation from nearby terrain, towers or obstacles.

WireAware™ Technology

In addition to the already extensive databases found in its fixed-wing counterpart, every G500H TXi system uses a helicopter-specific obstacles database featuring more than 200,000 additional low-altitude obstacles. For added protection, an expanded version features more than 700,000 miles of power lines, and our WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology uses this database to overlay powerline locations and relative altitude information on the moving map; WireAware also provides both aural and visual alerting when operating near power lines.

  HSI Mapping and More

To provide even more situational awareness, G500H TXi includes HSI mapping capabilities that puts an MFD-like perspective map view within the HSI portion of the PFD. The HSI map view can also support the overlay of NEXRAD imagery and weather inputs from ADS-B and SiriusXM® datalinks. Designed to interface with a wide range of avionics equipment — including the new GFC™ 600H helicopter flight control system and the GTN series navigators — G500H TXi provides full touchscreen continuity between the navigation, communication and flight display functions in a panel.

The G500H TXi flight display system is targeted for approval on several popular helicopter models in fourth quarter 2018. The G500H TXi includes a two-year warranty, which is supported by Garmin’s award-winning avionics product support team.

GPS Smartwatch with High‐resolution Mapping, Weather Radar Overlay and More.

Garmin is pleased to announce the D2 Charlie aviator watch, an elegant and functional timepiece that boasts global navigation information, rich and colorful moving maps and a host of connectivity options. Designed with pilots, aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots in mind, the D2 Charlie aviator watch features high-resolution mapping, real-time worldwide weather radar as well as airport information that includes frequencies, runway information, METAR data and more. Garmin ElevateTM wrist heart rate technology also allows customers to measure heart rate 24/7 alongside daily activity tracking. Available with leather and silicone bands or in a titanium edition featuring titanium and silicone bands, D2 Charlie can easily adapt in seconds using these new QuickFitTM bands for use in the cockpit, on the golf course or in the boardroom.

For more information on this product, see the Product Page.


Includes Industry‐first, All‐in‐one Portable SiriusXM® and ADS‐B Aviation Receiver.

Garmin is pleased to announce GDL 52/51, a series of datalink receivers capable of receiving SiriusXM Aviation weather and audio for display and control on select portables and mobile devices and optionally available with an Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast (ADS-B) traffic and weather receiver. The flagship GDL 52 combines all of these functions into a single device, while GDL 51 specifically provides SiriusXM Aviation weather and audio entertainment. Both variants include a built-in backup battery and provide GPS position data and back-up attitude information to compatible portable devices. Wireless and hardwired compatibility is extended to include G3X TouchTM, aera® 660 and aera 795/796 aviation portables, as well as wireless connectivity with the Garmin PilotTM app, allowing customers access to a full-featured suite of weather products, ADS-B traffic and more using a single receiver.

For more information on this product, see its Product Page.


Economical, Easy‐to‐install, Rule‐compliant ADS‐B Solution

Garmin is pleased to announce the GDL 82 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

Image result for GDL 82 ADS‐B“Out”Datalink(ADS-B) datalink, the latest addition to the comprehensive lineup of certified ADS-B solutions available from Garmin. GDL 82 is a small, lightweight Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) datalink with a built-in GPS receiver. For aircraft owners looking for an economical and turnkey solution to satisfy the requirements of ADS-B “Out”, GDL 82 is a straightforward path to meet regulatory requirements.

For more information on this product, see its Product Page.

G5 for Certificated Aircraft to Integrate with Select Autopilots

Garmin is pleased to announce that the G5 electronic flight instrument will soon be compatible with a wide-range of third-party autopilots available on the market. Utilizing the new GADTM 29B adapter, the G5 directional gyro (DG)/horizontal situation indicator (HSI) can interface with a variety of autopilots to provide heading and course error from G5 to drive the autopilot. With a compatible navigation source, G5 can also interface with select autopilots for coupled flight in heading and navigation modes. Additionally, when interfaced with a GTN 650/750 or GNS 430W/530W, the G5 can provide GPSS roll steering navigation from the navigator to the autopilot. Pilots can simply select GPSS on the G5 and heading mode on the autopilot and the autopilot will fly smooth intercepts, holding patterns, procedure turns and more.

Third-party autopilot support is expected to include the following autopilots:

• Century II/III

• Century IV (AC), IV (DC)

• Century 21/31/41

• Century 2000

• Cessna 400B

• Cessna 300 IFCS/400 IFCS

• Honeywell (Bendix King) KAP 100/150/200

• Honeywell (Bendix King) KFC 150/200

• Honeywell (Bendix King) KAP 140

• Honeywell (Bendix King) KFC 225

• S-TEC 20/30/40/50/55/60-1/60-2/65

• S-TEC 60 PSS

• S-TEC 55X


Garmin expects to expand third-party autopilot compatibility for the G5 electronic flight instrument in the future. The GAD 29B is expected to be available in September 2017. Effective immediately, all new orders will include the new GAD 29B adapter at no additional cost. Please contact Order Administration to change any pre-existing orders to include the new GAD 29B adapter. Additionally, Garmin is working on an amendment to the existing G5 supplemental type certification (STC) that allows a certificated aircraft owner to mount the G5 electronic flight instrument flush with their aircraft instrument panel. Garmin expects the STC to be complete Q3 2017. Please contact us if you have any questions.

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Panel-mount, Portable Show Rebates and More!

Garmin is pleased to announce several promotions just in time for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Whether preparing for a complete glass cockpit upgrade, replacing a broken audio panel, adding ADS-B or more, these new promotions allow customers  new ways to save on the most popular avionics from Garmin, including the GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators.

1. Show Rebate for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Attendees

Customers who attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh can take advantage of the 2017 Garmin EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Rebates. To qualify for the ‘Show’ Rebate, customers can purchase a qualifying Garmin GTXTM 335 w/GPS, VIRB® Ultra 30 Aviation Bundle, aera® 660, GDL® 39, GDL 39 3D, GPSMAP® 695, 696, D2TM Bravo Titanium pilot watch or D2 Bravo pilot watch at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh from July 24, 2017, through July 30, 2017, and receive $50 to $100 USD via mail-in rebate. To qualify for the ‘Panel-Mount’ rebate, customers can purchase a qualifying Garmin Flight Stream 510, GTX 345, GNC® 255A, GNC 255B, GMATM 345, GMA 35c, GMA 350c, GTN 650, GTN 750 or G3X TouchTM display from July 24, 2017, through August 25, 2017, and receive $100 to $500 USD via mail-in rebate. Please Note: Rebate forms will be available exclusively at the Garmin Booth on Celebration Way.

2. GTX 345 Packages — Back for a Limited Time

Customers looking for an ADS-B “In”/”Out” solution should also consider this limited time offer, which ends Dec. 29, 2017. Customers can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing the GTX 345 w/GPS and aera® 660 package, allowing them to display ADS-B traffic and weather on our latest aviation portable. Those looking for a panel mount solution may opt for the GTX 345R and GTNTM 625 package, giving them an IFR certified navigator with WAAS/LPV capability, an ADS-B compliant transponder and traffic and weather display capabilities. Please note these packages do not qualify for the Oshkosh ‘Show’ or ‘Panel-Mount’ Rebates.

Revolutionary, Cost-effective Retrofit Autopilots for General Aviation Aircraft

Garmin is pleased to announce GFC 600 and GFC 500, solid state, attitude-based autopilots for fixed-wing general aviation aircraft. The unique designs of these autopilots deliver superior in-flight characteristics, self-monitoring capabilities and minimal maintenance needs when compared to older-generation autopilot systems. Boasting a robust feature set, GFC 600 and GFC 500 incorporate a number of technologies that can improve safety, such as Garmin ESPTM (Electronic Stability and Protection), underspeed protection, Level Mode, Flight Director (FD) and more. The GFC 600 autopilot is intended for high-performance piston single/twin-engine and turbine aircraft that have a wide range of aircraft speed and performance characteristics, while GFC 500 is intended for less complex piston single-engine aircraft. Built upon the acclaimed performance of the popular GFC 700 autopilot, GFC 600 and GFC 500 provide pilots with a suite of advanced autopilot capabilities that are an economical addition for a growing number of aircraft.

For more information on this product, see it’s Product Page.