Garmin has announced that they have designed a best-in-class and cost effective radar altimeter specifically for helicopters and general aviation aircraft.


The GRA 55 works to provide smooth altitude tracking and results in a consistent and highly accurate above ground level indication, even in the most challenging environments such as rough terrain, tree canopies, sand and choppy water. This solution includes the new GI 205 stand alone indicator, designed to pair with the GRA 55 or GRA 5500.

These solutions are able to provide pilots with rock solid confidence of their altitude above ground. The GRA 55 and GI 205 help fulfill recent FAA requirements for radar altimeter equipage in commercial helicopter operation.


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Skye Avionics is proud to announce that they have become an authorized Century Flight Systems Dealer and Installation Facility.

Century Flight Systems has been manufacturing world class autopilot systems since 1983. We are pleased to represent Century and provide further capabilities and value for our customers.

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